Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rants about life.

Life is good.

Let's start out with that one.
It's hectic and beautiful and whoa is it kinda driving me crazy nowadays.

...This is a perfect time to unwind and unleash, right when you're screaming at the top of your lungs for a few seconds because time is an enemy who refuses to give you more than 48 hours to do as you please.

Some of my peace comes from a guy I have fallen for in a bad but oh-so-good way. The guy that drives you up a wall crazy right before you see each other, inspires you, reaches out and touches your life in just the right way....our bodies also fit comfortably and the everyday bullshit we all gotta go through is that much more bearable. We have these crazy schedules that somehow work out except when it comes to planning any sort of get away, but we'll see. We all complain about how we never have the time to do the things we wanna do, but thinking like this is just plain stupid. We make time for the things we wanna do, strange concept isn't it?

Besides him, my fuel also comes from inspiration shouting out to me from quotes or the occasional perfect cup of coffee at 2:51am that begs for some thoughts and conversation.

Living at Ubuntu is 90% fun and 10% frustrating. The 90% fun comes from getting slapped in the butt by one of my roommates, the occasional foot massage, and the love that we all have for one another...the other unpleasant 10% from the yucky bathroom that hasn't been cleaned (deep clean) in more than two weeks.

My room mate is ridiculously pleasant to have around, we even sleep in the same bed sometimes since her futon is a piece of crap. Our relationship is quite nice.

I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with people that are close or have been close to me; la tia was in Chicago for Thanksgiving and something in our encounter prompted this. It brought me back to the idea that we all need each other. It does not matter how successful or how much of a "failure" we become in life, if there's no one around you can share a beer with or celebrate with in times of happiness...what is it all worth?

I tried and failed at bringing life back into a dead friendship. Twice. There comes a point, which I'm waiting for, when it is all okay, when it's okay that the other person just isn't on the same bloody page as you are or is interested or cares. It's difficult to swallow heavy words. Move on, take a ticket, and open up a new page with a cup of coffee in one hand.

All you can do is hope for the best, take advantage of opportunities, and have a good time.

Life sucks sometimes, it's filled with silly people who do silly things but it's just how the world turns.

I had a potluck the other day and it was a huge success. Many many wonderful people I enjoy and finally was able to share a meal with on a long table with all sorts of delicious foods.

A toast to happy times, good food, and great friends :)