Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pura Vida.

Living simplistically.

People here don´t have much and yet still have these enormous smiles on their faces
that seem to withstand it all.

The days here go by so slowly, which is great and fine but a part of me wants to jump up and get moving already. Alanita and I have agreed this is a radically different trip than any other we have made because of the setting and the intentions. There is no set itinerary for what we´ll be doing every hour of every day here in San Lucas Toliman so that has bugged us both a little bit. Pero no hay apuro, estamos en Guatemala (dice Peccles)

Being here has in a way made me feel a little bit healthier...there are so many moments and oppornities for personal reflection. This has resulted in a radically productive personal journal entry which lists goals for all of the organizations I´m going to be involved with in the fall.

But for now I´m looking foward to and living in the present and the next thing I´ll be learning about this community.

Hasta luego.

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